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Gone are the days of last minute runs to the feed store or paying the high cost of overnight shipping. Now, our service takes care of everything for one reasonable monthly fee.  INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING (USA only). We start by estimating how long it’ll take your pig to go through a bag of our food and schedule a delivery to arrive before you run out. We’ll get in touch with you a few days before it’s time for your shipment to give you an opportunity to adjust your delivery date, or to cancel.

As deliveries continue, we’ll continue to learn based on your adjustments so your food is always delivered at the perfect time. As you use the service, we’ll adjust your monthly subscription fee to make sure you’re only paying for the food you’re actually using. Not sure how much it’ll cost you? Use our Reference Feeding Chart below to find out.

See the Reference Feeding Chart below to calculate how long feed will last based on how much you feed your pig per day and then select the appropriate option below.


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Reference Feeding Chart

CupsOunces Ounces Per MonthCost Per PayRecommended
1/4 Cup per Day1.6 Ounces Per Day48 Ounces Per Month$.45 per Day5 LBS Every 7 Weeks
1/3 Cup Per Day2.0 Ounces Per Day60 Ounces Per Month$.56 Per Day5 LBS Every 6 Weeks
1/2 Cup Per Day3.4 Ounces Per Day102 Ounces Per Month$.76 Per Day10 LBS Every 7 Weeks
2/3 Cup per Day4 Ounces Per Day120 Ounces Per Month$.90 Per Day10 LBS Every 6 Weeks
3/4 Cup Per Day5.0 Ounces Per Day150 Ounces Per Month$1.12 Per Day10 LBS Every 4 Weeks
1 Cup Per Day6.8 Ounces Per Day204 Ounces Per Month$1.44 Per Day20 LBS Every 7 Weeks
1 1/4 Cup Per Day8.4 Ounces Per Day252 Ounces Per Month$1.53 Per Day20 LBS Every 6 Weeks
1 1/2 Cup Per Day10.2 Ounces Per Day306 Ounces Per Month$1.87 Per Day20 LBS Every 5 Weeks
1 3/4 Cup Per Day11.6 Ounces Per Day348 Ounces Per Month$2.12 Per Day20 LBS Every 4 Weeks
2 Cups Per Day13.6 Ounces Per Day408 Ounces Per Month$2.49 Per Day40 LBS Every 6 Weeks
2 1/2 Cups Per Day17 Ounces Per Day510 Ounces Per Month$3.11 Per Day40 LBS Every 5 Weeks
3 Cups Per Day20.4 Ounces Per Day612 Ounces Per Month$3.73 Per Day40 LBS Every 4 Weeks

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  1. angela.welch (verified owner)

    Sharp’s Little Pig Town always delivered fresh! makes bonnie skin and hair great .food have different ingredents in it that bonnie loves WE GET IT AUTO SHIP

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