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Sharp’s Mini Pig Food is a new kind of mini pig food that combines delicious, super healthy food with ease and convenience.

Our History

 Sharp’s Little Pig Town is all about what’s best for you and your pet pig. Our focus is fostering love for pigs and pig parents. We believe it shouldn’t be so hard to get super healthy, high quality pig food delivered to your door before you realize you need it. Our number one goal is that your pig is healthy and happy. We want you to enjoy feeding your pig without ever having to worry about running out, making special trips to the feed store or lifting heavy bags. We want you to know that you’re feeding your pig the right amount and that the ingredients are of the best quality for your pig. We love our pigs and we understand the special bond that is created when your pig is fed. Nothing should get in the way of that experience.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We’re located in Scio, Oregon at Sharp’s Little Pig Town. We love playing and caring for our pigs every day. We began raising and breeding Miniature Pigs a few years ago when we got married, my husband raised pigs for years. I fell in love with these characters, caring for them every day realizing how smart and fun they were. When day came for my new found friends to go to harvest. I was devastated, I cried for days. My husband came home one day and said, “Honey I found something you may like, check this out.” He found somebody needing to sell their miniature pigs. Long story short, we came home with 3 mama pigs and a couple daddy pigs. So began Sharp’s Little Pig Town LLC. Since those days we many differences between Pet Pigs and Meat pigs. We found out quickly we were unhappy with a lot of the commercial foods. With how are Mini-Pigs were looking and feeling. They were sometimes lacking in vibrancy and contentment. Along with some health issues that some of the commercial foods we were feeding contributed to. So we began our research and experimenting with different foods. We finally came up with Sharp’s Mini-Pig Food. It has changed our pig’s lives forever. We are passionate pig owners who think that pig food is important. Pigs are amazing creatures, they are family members to us. We strive to improve something we do for them every single day. By The Way we no longer raise pigs for harvest, Nor do we eat pork. Not even BACON! PIGS ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD!.

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Our Promise


There are a lot of options out there of varying costs and quality when it comes to miniature pig food. Our promise is that we will constantly strive to create the greatest value in the market. Value is a combination of cost, quality, taste and convenience. Sharp’s Mini-Pig Food lives up to our promise. 

Total Transparency

Our food is incredibly healthy, but it is not organic. We’d love to move to an organic food but we don’t feel like it would deliver on the value we want to provide. It would likely triple the costs of the food and we’re not convinced it would truly improve the health of your pig. We’ve tried to limit our ingredients while crafting an excellent food. We will always strive to improve the food. We work with a company called Union Point Custom Feeds to produce our Mini-Pig Food. They specialize in high quality custom milled feeds. Union Point give small to mid-sized farmers, backyard farmers, and homesteaders access to custom-milled, high quality feeds that are normally available only to those ordering many tons of feed at a time. We did a lot of research with Alice from Union Point. She understood exactly what we’re trying to accomplish and helped us to envision a delicious, healthy food that your pig will absolutely love.

We are Ed and Christabeth Sharp. We are the owners of Sharp’s Little Pig Town and Sharp’s Mini-Pig Food. These are a couple of our pet pigs. Stella is the little red one kissing dad, she is 7 months old. Ore is the black and white in dad’s arms, she is almost 2 years old. It’s important that our pigs eat super healthy food. It’s also important that when I’m opening that bag, they are excited to eat. We wanted nothing but the best for our piggies. We also know if you love your pet pigs like we do. We want to share the best with you.

Ed & Christa Sharp

Owners of Sharp’s Little Pig Town